Training and certification program on Hyperledger Fabric platform

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Encyclopedia of Hyperledger Fabric Key Concepts and Implimentation.

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Thorough knowledge on Blockchain (Free audit CBA for blockchain basics)

Advanced OOP concepts

Course Fee

INR 5000 * [Indian Learners]

USD 100 * [Foreign Learners]

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Self Paced


Based on the Online Quizzes and Final Online Assessment


About the Course


Kerala Blockchain Academy, an Associate member of Hyperledger, offers comprehensive training and certification on Hyperledger Fabric for developers. Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise-grade permissioned DLT framework for developing distributed applications and solutions for businesses. The modular, versatile and privacy-oriented design of Fabric helps to achieve the needs of specific industry use cases. The developer course primarily focuses on chaincode(smart contract) and application development on Hyperledger Fabric using NodeJS. The course caters to the need of developers and administrators with a blend of topics related to application development, network administration, and deployment.


The Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer program is open for anyone who anticipates a better understanding of decentralized application development on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. The syllabus befits individuals who are already familiar with the concepts of blockchain technology and has advanced programming knowledge of HTML and Javascript. The course is open for all aspiring blockchain enthusiasts who would like to validate their knowledge with the industry-leading blockchain and Fabric trends.


  • Differentiate between Public and Permissioned distributed ledger technologies.
  • Demonstrate the role of permissioned DLTs for various domain and business applications.
  • Appreciate the projects under the Hyperledger umbrella (especially Fabric) for its distributed enterprise-grade architecture and modular design.
  • Demonstrate the use of various components/modules present in the Hyperledger Fabric platform.
  • Understand and build a small Multi-org based Hyperledger Fabric network using VScode Extension.
  • Use tools and techniques needed to easily develop, test and deploy Node.js based Chaincode in Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Use Node.js SDK for Chaincode interaction from an external application.


Course Outline

  • Blockchain Memoir. Tracing the origin. Enter Satoshi. "Double" Trouble. Let's Have An Accord. The General Problem. Hashing It Out. Chaining the blocks. Chain Effect - Illustrated. Play By The Rules. A Private Affair. Docker Basics. How Containers Changed Many Worlds. Docking those containers. Composing an App. The Life of a Container. Docker CheatSheet.

  • Chain Of Change. Tales To Astonish. Tracing the mango back to its tree. The invisible world of papers & containers. Moral Of The Stories. Identifying The Villains. Transparency. Free flow of information. Traceability. Frauds & Malpractices. Chain To The Rescue. The Walmart Story. TradeLens

  • The Problem Statement. How The Current Mechanism Works. What are the Challenges. Introducing DLT Into The Process. Let's Understand The Business Logic.Why Hyperledger Fabric. Introduction on Hyperledger Fabric. Need For a Permissioned Ledger.Shared Ledger and Shared Programs.Businesses Need Privacy. Defining a Fabric Network. Introduction to Fabric Network. Important Terminologies and Icons. Bootstrapping the Orderer. Certificate Authority. Giving Network Administration Rights. Defining the Consortium. Creating the Autochannel. Peers and Ledgers. Applications and Chaincode. Peers, Orderer and Client. Peers. Channels for Peer Interaction. Ledger and Chaincode. Peer and Applications. Committing Peer and Endorsing Peer. Anchor Peer. Leader Peer. Client Node. Let's explore further on identities. PKI aka Public Key Infrastructure. Identity in Hyperledger Fabric. Digital Certificate. Memership Service Provider (MSP). Understanding The Fabric Transaction Flow. Introduction to Fabric Transaction Flow. Transaction Flow. Bootstrapping the Network. Hands-On Exercise

  • Look Upon Thy Deeds.The Birth of a Transaction. Introducing Chaincodes.Chaincode Vs Smart Contracts. Where do we fit the ledger.Undertsanding The Flow. Diving Deep Into Chaincodes.The life of a chaincode.Chaincode shim.Chaincode Interface.Chaincode Stub Interface.System Chaincode The subtle Art of Writing A Chaincode.Creating A Chaincode.A Closer Look at Chaincodes.Life Of A Contract.Understanding The Logic.Hands-On Exercise

  • Private Data Collections(PDC). The Secret Transactions.The Dealers Den. Rich Queries. Integrate Rich Queries. Finishing the Chaincode. The Officials. What's new in Hyperledger Fabric 2.x

  • Introduction.Chaincode CLI interaction.The Duties Of A Client.Understanding the players who facilitates the flow.How client app helps with the transaction.Introduction to client components.What's in the Wallet.Gateway to the Network.Building A Profile.The Class of Transaction.

  • Introduction Why We Need A UI.Introduction to UI.Handlebar Framework.Using JavaScript to get user data.How to run the App.Things we need to know.Connecting The Dots.Handling The UI.Creating Templates Using Handlebars.Coding the UI using template

  • Fabric Events: An Introduction Deep Dive Into Fabric Events. Building Block Events. Building Chaincode Events. Building Transaction Events.

  • Introduction. What is Raft? Features of Raft. Log consistency check and Replication. Raft in Hyperledger Fabric.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 Is this course free?

    No, this course is not free. Some of the selected units are free for you to audit and get a flavour of the course. In order to pursue the complete course and get certified, you’re requested to make the fee payment and actively engage in self-paced learning. There are seven modules in this course and you have unlimited access to all of them once you pay the course fee and enrol.

  • The pre-requisite for joining the CHF Self-Paced program is a thorough knowledge on Blockchain ( If you do not have knowledge on Blockchain technology, it is highly recommended to enrol and audit the Certified Blockchain Associate Course offered by KBA)(CBA Online) and Knowledge on Full Stack Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Express, Node.JS).

  • There are four Section-Wise Assessments and a Final Assessment that are mandatory to attend and you need to score a minimum of 70% marks in each quiz.

  • Please be informed that this is a paid developer course offered by KBA. We have set some contents visible for you to get a flavour of the course and to get an idea on how the course is structured. Once you pay the course fee and enrol, you will have access to all the contents.

  • There are no instructor-led sessions under this developer program. But the course comprises explanatory videos that helps in easy understanding of the program.

  • We will issue your certificate into a Blockchain. The authenticity of your certificate can can be verified using https://verify.kba.ai

  • If you opt for the certificate, Kerala Blockchain Academy will issue your certificate which is co-stamped by the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – Kerala (IIITM-K), which is an autonomous institution established by the Government of Kerala

  • Once you enrol into the self paced Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer course, you will have lifetime access to the course contents.